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Box Pallet(for cereals)

Ideal for transporting and storing rice, barley, or other bulk cargoes.

These pallets are used with PP bags ideal for the transportation and storage of rice, barley, grains, beans, and other bulk cargoes. Pallets can be used for collecting glass and fluorescent lights if lined with canvas bags.

Stable strength and durability.No pressure is put on the contents.
With standard capacity, they can be stacked up to 4 layers
high. Can be used as storage shelves as gates can be
opened and closed even when pallets are stacked.
Easily foldable for space saving.
Can be easily folded when not in use,
saving storage space and
keeping your facility clean and tidy.
Optional forklift guides can be attached for handling with a rotating fork.
A breathable wrapping can be used. Contents can be fumigated within the wrapping.
A thin 1500 denier cloth is used. This is highly breathable,
enabling fumigation to take place in the warehouse.
The wrapping is hygienic as it protects the contents from
foreign bodies.(Optional)
Light as only mesh can be. Ensures safety in transit.
Very easy to manage as it is so light. Cargo is kept stable
for safe transit.
Surface is treated to be rust-proof.
Environmentally-friendly surface treatment.

Box Pallet(for cereals) Specification

Silver as standard color Fork guide included in weight